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Billy Elliot Tickets can be booked on line using the search form at the side of the page

If you would rather book Billy Elliot tickets in person, you can visit the Box Office at the following address: Victoria Palace Theatre, Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5EA with opening hours of 10am until 8.30pm from Monday to Saturday. If you are booking on the day of the performance you wish to see, it is recommended that you turn up early – there are sometimes even returns available for same-day performances at a cheaper price than usual, so it is worth asking at the box office directly!


Where to Sit in the Victoria Palace.

The Victoria Palace is of a moderate size for a West End theatre, with around 1,500 seats spread across 3 levels, the Stalls, Dress Circle and Upper Circle. Unlike a lot of other West End theatres, the Victoria Palace does not have any unsightly pilars and each seating level is not too curved, meaning that all seats generally offer a good enough view of the stage. Below we have identified the best seats in the house (which are often the most pricey), good seats for those on a slightly tighter budget and finally we have also included information on restricted view seats that are often best avoided.

Best views
The theatre seats 1550 audience members at capacity across three levels: the Stalls, the Dress Circle and the Grand Circle. The Stalls are closest to the stage and offer some of the best views in the venue. Whilst the front rows will put you within a few feet of the action, you won’t always have the best view of the full stage. The Dress Circle is one level up and provides a panoramic view, but seats closer to the back will have views limited by the Dress Circle’s overhang. When buying Billy Elliot tickets, we would recommend rows D and above in the Stalls, and rows A through H in the Dress Circle. Both sections are comparable in price.

On a budget Billy Elliot Tickets
The seats in the Grand Circle are the highest in the theatre and thus the least expensive. This section has a very steep incline, and we would not recommend it for patrons with mobility issues or those who do not like heights. Still, rows A through D represent the best bargain in the venue, and you will have a good view of most of the play (barring restricted view seats in these rows, of course).

Restricted views
Seats with restricted views will be labelled as such when you purchase them. When sitting in the Grand Circle, parts of the upstage area are obscured, and you will miss some of the action during the ballet sequence between the old and young Billys (pictured above). The only seats in the Victoria Palace that are considered to have a restricted view are all those in row A and some of row B in the Upper Circle. People in these seats may struggle to see over the safety bar at the front of the level.


Victoria Palace Theatre restricted view


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